Iraq’s wheat harvest surpassed 3 million tons in 2012


There has been a substantial surge in the wheat production of Iraq in the years since 2003, when the U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq.

Wheat harvest had dwindled to an average 1.5 million tons in the years since the attack of U.S., turning the country into a net importer of wheat and other cereals.
But last year, in spite of little rain, 3.26 million tons got shipped to state silos by the farmers of the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture was upbeat, saying its strategies to refurbish the country’s farming were paying off.

Mahdi al-Qaisi, who is the Deputy Agriculture Minister, said that the raising cereal production in Iraq was a top priority.

The agriculture of wheat is observing marked improvement with volume rising to 3.26 million tons in the year 2012 from 1.7 million tons, he said.

Qaisi also said that the ministry’s gift to the Iraqi farmers in return for the hike in wheat output was a discount of 50 % on all irrigation-related equipment.
The wheat consumption of Iraq is estimated at 5 million tons a year, at present.

Last Update:: 17/02/2013
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