Deputy inquired about the reasons behind the lack of improvement of the Iraqi Dinar value

Member of the Commission stressed the economy and investment in the House of Representatives on the need to host the Acting Governor of the Central Bank. He also charged the officials to find out the reasons that prevent achievement of tangible progress in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
In his interview, MP Abdul Hussein al-Husseini stated, “With Radio Free Iraq that the interventions in the work of the Central Bank at the forefront of the reasons behind the request to host the officials.”
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the former Iraqi appearance of Mohammed Saleh stated that the bid to host the administration based on the Central Bank of a constitutional right and a routine procedure to allay the fears of legislative bodies, but pointed out at the same time that the monetary policies adopted timeshare quo is based on intervention in the market, which is will not lead to improve the value of the dinar.
Economic expert, Jamil Antoine stated that the process of raising the currency value of Iraqi dinars is directly linked up with the Iraqi Central Bank. However, he admitted, “Although he bears part of responsibility in the process of monetary inflation treatment and control of the cash and sell the dollar.”
Antoine pointed out the existence of other factors that negatively affect in improving the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, including the sale of money orders and money laundering. He stressed over the negotiations and need for cooperation of other government institutions, including the security and customs departments to achieve the best exchange rate of the dinar.
Last Update:: 02/09/2013
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