Schools in Iraq face desk deficit

In Iraq, students ar waiting for school to be reopened after summer vacation, but al-Asil elementary school in Baghdad's Mansour has been found to be running with students. In this school, students who are victims of violence are getting prepared for the schooling year ahead. Many of them have come into school after a long gap of a year.

A 12 years old student, Isra, has joined school after a gap of two years. Her family is a victim of violence that took place in Ramadi. As war erupted between govt. forces and ISIS forces, going to school was not just difficult but also dangerous.

Isra’s mother, Fawzia described those days of struggle when violence erupted at the highest level. She said that she was terrified and she kept her children at home. It was around 3 months when the entire family was confined in an apartment.

In January, this year, they finally decided to flee to Anbar crossing Baghdad. Now, they live with other displaced Iraqi in UNHCR camp. Isra studies in UNHCR camp affiliated school, which is also supported by local businessmen and volunteers.

According UN estimates, there are almost 700,000 children in Iraq who lost an entire year of school. Blocking access to education is the generation aftermath if security disrupts in a country. Iraq is not exception in this case. Both southern and northern Iraq has been affected in similar pattern due to up-roaring violence.

Isra is a bright and talkative girl. Her mother said that Isra is a dedicated girl. She used to sleep late night and even wake up early in the morning. Fawzia said that she initially wanted her girl to stay at home and learn sewing. But, Isra wanted to go to school.

On a hot day of August, fourth grade students at al-Asil elementary school are studying in warm condition. Though most of them are happy, as they are getting at least chances to study!
Kawtha al-Ahmed, the school's director, said that these students are coming with immense self-motivation. They are keen to attend school and learn things.
Isra wants to be a doctor, and she wants to help distressed people.
Last Update:: 03/10/2015
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