Iraq’s Abu Gharib Factories Reopen

On Monday, Iraqi government said that it has resumed operations at two factories in Abu Ghraib, which were attacked by "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) gunmen last month.
It is noteworthy that these factories produce oxygen for the healthcare centers and cooking gas, respectively.
Government economic advisor Salam al-Quraishi said, "The industry and reconstruction ministries managed to resume operations at the two factories at full capacity about one month after they were attacked by terrorists, causing a complete halt in production."
The production halt in these plants hampered oxygen supplies in the hospitals and also disrupted supplies of domestic gas for cooking for the citizens. Salam al-Quraishi also said that the two factories have now been secured to prevent further attacks.
The cost of repair was 320 million Iraqi dinars ($275,000), he said.
Last Update:: 16/07/2014
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