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Taq-i Kisra to be renovated by Czech Company

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Iraq announced that a Czech company will start restoring Taq-i Kisra (Iwan of Khosrau) as well as the neighboring archeological site in the southern part of Baghdad. This will definitely bolster country’s tourism sector and would profit good financial profit to the local government.

Tourism and Antiquities Minister, Liwaa’ Sumaysim, said, “A Czech company has began maintenance work on Taq-i Kisra and near-by archeological sites in Al Madaen city, south of Baghdad.” He revealed, “The Company will deal with the cracks in the Iwan and remove the concrete with which it was covered during the previous regime. It will be preserved with a state-of-the-art substance that prevents water from seeping along the Iwan’s fence”

This same company will try to restore the arches to their previous state throughout the Iwan. It will also carry out all the maintenance activities. The garden will be renovated and laser lightings will be applied.

Taq-i Kisra is located in Al Madaen region in the southern part of Baghdad. This is a large hall in Khosrau’s Iwan that features brick arches without any pillars or pedestals. Historians say this was built around 540 AD.
Updated 12 May 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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