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Architect designs five bridges that could house 53,000 families over the River Tigris using 3D printers and debris from buildings ISIS destroyed
A project of constructing 3,812 houses in the Southeastern Maysan governorate has been approved by Iraq.
World has experienced the rise of ISIS, which led Iraq is deep economic worries.
Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorism (REFAATO) has announced initiating an agreement for rehabilitating al-Muthana Bridge in northern Baghdad. The agreement has been signed with Ministry of Housing, and cost of the agreement is around five billion dinars.
Iraqi government contractors will receive bonds instead of cash as payment. To get rid of delayed payments to contractors, Iraqi government has taken such decision, as stated by central bank. The bonds can be traded in the local market or cashed at banks for a discount, the central bank said in an emailed statement. It didn't indicate a maturity or interest rate
Three meter high security wall is to be built by Iraq to protect the city of Baghdad from Islamic State attacks.
Southern Basra province of Iraq has report started planning for building 1,152 meter "mega tall" skyscraper. This construction will be taller than Dubai's Burj Khalifa, which is presently the tallest building in the world. In fact the newly proposed tower in Iraq will be taller than under construction 1km Kingdom Tower in Jeddah.
Despite the state’s budgets reaching record figures, as oil prices were close to $100 a barrel, these projects were not accomplished. Minister of Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi said Aug. 17 that Iraq’s budget between 2003 and 2015 reached $850 billion.
On Sunday, Hanwha Engineering and Construction said that it had received a 240-billion won ($203 million) advance payment for its ongoing new-town building project in Iraq.
In an interview with Al-Monitor, Transport Minister Baqir Jabr al-Zubeidi (also known as Bayan Jabr Solagh) said that the best way to overcome Iraq's exceptional circumstances is to develop plans that are both realistic as well as sound. While conditions pose significant economic challenges and prohibit certain development projects, Zubeidi asserted that growth should not come to a halt, even amid the toughest challenges. Rather, exceptional conditions impose different approaches to planning and action. Zub
Abu Dhabi’s Bloom Holdings is expanding its property projects in the US and Iraq, where it plans to build a new town outside Karbala.
Iraq has unveiled plans to build three solar power plants and one wind power plant. The country’s Ministry of Electricity, in coordination with the National Investment Commission (NIC), is tendering for four renewable projects of between 5 and 10MW.
The central Karbala governorate of Iraq is planning for building an industrial city, which will magnetize foreign as well as local capital into the manufacturing sector of the province.
Hanwha Group, 10th largest conglomerate in Iraq, stated that its building affiliate has won a $2.12 billion project for building infrastructure for a new city in Iraq.
Iraq’s central Al-Diwaniyah governorate is planning to award large projects on an investment basis in 2015, including the much-delayed 1.3-billion-dollar airport contract and a 210-million-dollar cement plant.
On a main highway south of Baghdad, dozens of buildings rise up from the Iraqi planes, the first blocks of a multi-billion-dollar city emerging from a landscape more accustomed to conflict and crisis than glitzy new development.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the highly special, profound and extensive relations between Tehran and Baghdad necessitate continued talks and exchange of visits by the two countries' officials.
Co Down firm Lignum Interiors has unveiled a six-figure deal to fit out a luxury apartment complex in northern Iraq.
Kuwaiti trading and contracting firm Al Nasriyah has been awarded a 45-year contract by the Iraqi National Investment Commission (NIC) to develop and operate a new airport to serve Iraq’s Diwaniya governorate.
Work is under way to restore and rehabilitate Mosul Dam in Ninawa province following its recapture from the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL), the Iraqi government said last week.
Diwaniya Local Government concluded a contract with Safy-il-Din Lebanese Company to erect a housing compound with a value of IQD 45 billion in the province.
On last Thursday, Iraq’s ministry of housing and construction confirmed that accomplishing two large scale projects in Baghdad.
The Governor of Diwaniya province, Ammar al-Madani, declared to sign a contract to establish Diwaniya Airport next week.
Thi Qar Governor Yehya al-Nasiri expected that the civil airport in the province will appoint 1500-2000 workers if it were completed.
French firm prepares designs for the airport which will handle 15-20 million passengers a year
The Local Government of Diwaniya province plans to allocate lands for constructing low cost housing complexes in the province.
Iraqi Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi discussed with the Japanese Charge d'Affairs the participation of Japanese companies in Greater Fao Terminal, railway projects and rehabilitation of Baghdad airport.
Avantha Group Company CG has landed a $25mn contract for the design, construction and delivery of 16 mobile substations in Iraq.
Minister of Reconstruction and Housing Tariq al-Khikani gave instructions to end Missan Bridge by the end of this year.
Iraqi minister of reconstruction and housing Tariq al-Khikani laid down the corner stone for a housing complex here. In a statement, the housing complex comprises of 708 housing units in the form of houses.
Mayor of Baghdad Na'eem al-Ka'bi called the French companies to increase the volume of their participation in the capital's reconstruction projects.
Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing reported that many road and bridges will be implemented in the province.
The company will provide 16 mobile substations for Iraq before September 2015 for interim grid connections and temporary power supplies
NSCC International Limited and Robt Stone have signed a joint venture agreement to bid exclusively for projects beyond the UAE, with a particular focus in Iraq.
Baghdad Mayor Na'eem Aboub called the specialized Serbian companies to participate in Baghdad reconstruction and investment projects.
Minister of Reconstruction and Housing Tariq ala-Khikani announced the start of building a 708-flat housing complex in Missan province.
Overseas contracting services, which have rapidly grown in recent years through investments in risky areas that are close to Turkey, give negative signals in 2014 with the escalation of tension in the region
South Korean builders that have expanded into Iraq are closely watching the escalating unrest in northern Iraq, while drawing up measures for a possible long-term crisis. Some of the companies operating in the area have evacuated on security concerns.
On Tuesday, the General Company for Iraqi Ports has announced the achievement rate in the first part of Faw Port development. It has been revealed that development in eastern breakwater is around 70 percent and in addition to that works have been started in the western breakwater.
The Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing on Thursday (July 3rd) announced the opening of a 340 billion Iraqi dinar ($292 million) low-income housing complex in Dhi Qar province.
With militant insurgents consolidating their control across much of northern Iraq, plans to build a new $1 billion parliamentary complex in Baghdad, to be designed by mega-architect Zaha Hadid , still appear to be moving forward.
A group of Turkish construction workers were among some 60 people abducted by Islamist militants near the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, less than a week after dozens of other Turkish nationals were taken hostage in Mosul.
The South Korean government on Friday recommended construction companies operating in Iraq to evacuate from areas captured by Arab militants for their safety.
Local government of Diwaniya, Iraq has accomplished several projects in the sector of electric power within the Regions Development Plan with a cost of more than IQD billion.
On 22 Baghdad development projects, construction work has begun. The combined value of the projects is worth 220 billion Iraqi dinars ($189 million), the Iraqi government said Tuesday.
A project to enhance the appearance of Iraq's cities and introduce a spirit of friendly competition among them began this month at the behest of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Iraq is planning to build seven new universities across the country as part of a Ministry of Higher Education plan to develop its scientific and research sector, the Iraqi government said Wednesday (May 14th).
Construction of the new Shatt Al-Arab Hospital will bring the first modern hospital to the desert town of Basra, Iraq. Funded by the Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Health as part of a restructuring program, the project broke ground in 2013 and completion is targeted for 2015.
The annual MEED Arabian World Construction Summit (AWCS) was told that Iraq is preparing to tender the $1.3bn contract to deliver the marine works component of the first phase of the new Grand Fao Port.
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