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Together Iraq and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for setting up joint industrial zones.
The Cramlington based manufacturer, Copperchase Ltd, has secured a $6m contract with Hyundai Engineering and Construction to conclude a new security project for the southern oil refinery of Iraq.
MP, Abdul-Hussein al-Mousawi, of the Fadhila Bloc called to fund some of the institutions of the Ministry of Industry by the central government rather than the self-finance system.
With a larger swathe of the Middle East in the grip of internecine conflict, global automotive majors are scrambling to come up with alternatives to limit the dent on their regional operations. While Syria has been a lost market for some time now, the more recent flare up in Iraq and the Kurdish region — and the likelihood of stiffer military ripostes from the US and allies — has auto majors working on the defensive strategies.
On Monday, Iraqi government said that it has resumed operations at two factories in Abu Ghraib, which were attacked by "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) gunmen last month.
Canon Middle East, a leader in imaging solutions, has appointed Creative Force to expand it Professional Video business in Iraq. Focused on the broadcast and production industry, the collaboration is part of Canon’s strategy of diversification into new business domains such as professional cinematography and pro-video.
With its specialty in contemporary functional office furniture, FurnitureInFashion has announced that it is launching furniture for government employees at various government offices. FurnitureInFashion has previously provided exquisite office furniture for government offices in Iraq in lieu of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Development that approached FurnitureInFashion for furniture products.
Oil giant from France, Total has told on last Friday that it was looking at building a "world-scale" petrochemical complex in Iraq as part of its strategy to develop its activities in the Middle East's growth markets.
The economic expert, Majid al-Suri attributed the failure of the Iraqi industrial sector to the lack of an attractive investment environment for the foreign and local investors.
STX Heavy Industries stated that it secured a USD 100 million contract for construction of a gas treatment facility in Iraq after signing a deal with Petronas Carigali Iraq Holding BV.
Hanwha Chemical Corp., one of South Korea's leading polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride producers, said Thursday that it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to build a petrochemical plant in Iraq.
Iraqi MP, Mr. Habeeb al-Turfi has attributed the rise of the process of the vegetables to the lack of the strategy of protecting the local products.
A few days back, QinetiQ North America (QNA) has announced that it is being awarded a $20 million, firm-fixed-price contract for its TALON® IV military robots, spares and training. The contract will support foreign military sales to Iraq.
A leading UAE Precast Contracting Company, Gulf Precast, has signed a recent deal for building 65 Precast Schools in various locations of Central Iraq. The design of the schools and their boundary walls has been already finalized. While the initial part of the production is under way in the UAE, Gulf Precast is already in the process of setting up a production plant in Iraq. This is the first phase of the international expansion strategy of the UAE Precast Leader.
Gebr Pfeiffer SE has received another order from China-based Sinoma (Suzhou) Construction Co Ltd for an MPS 5000 B for cement raw material grinding mill for a project located in the region of Sulaymaniya in Kurdistan, Iraq.
The Japanese giant with interests in power plants, air-conditioning systems, construction machinery and transport systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is opening a new office in Iraq within next week.
Oscar Wendel travels to Baghdad and Basra to see what Volvo Trucks has achieved in Iraq. The company has just inaugurated two of the biggest and most advanced service centres in the Gulf, working to a tight timeframe and in changeable conditions
Recently, State Company of Cotton industries inaugurated Baghdad Cotton Gin, after a halt of 10 years. The Factory will be rejuvenated completely so that it can become more productive as well as innovative at the same time.
The State Directorate Industrial Development has issued a number of licenses for new industrial projects through May 2013. Mr. Mohammed Hassan Abood the State Directorate Industrial Development General Director mentioned, “The directorate issued 120 establishment licenses for new
The Chairman of Union of Medicine Producers and Importers Samvel Zakarian stated that Arpimed and Likvor pharmaceutical companies will receive good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificates until September. For selling their products in the European regions, the GMP certificates are important for the abovementioned companies.
The Minister of Industry Ahmed al-Karbouli has called the Japanese companies to submit their objections to the Japanese Embassy, regarding concerns with their rights of regain, counterfeiting the trade brands by local plants and companies in Iraq.
company of Iran declared that it will launch a production line with a capacity of 30,000 units in the Iraqi city of Iskandariya by next month.
The federation of Iraqi industries said on this Friday that a UN funded a UN funded center for supporting Iraqi Industries has opened in central Basra. Federation president Majed Rashak stated that the centre will help thousands of Iraqi industrial projects, which are facing different issues or disputes in project implementation.
Recently, full production has been announced by Mondi at its new industrial bags plant in Sulaimaniyah, northern Iraq. Partnered with Kaso Group, this greenfield project is anticipated to strengthen Mondi’s industrial bags business in the expanding Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). It has to be noted that this project has been marked as the first ever bag plant in Iraq which will support the cement industry of the country. Cement industry of the country is also experiencing stable leap recently.
An easy term loan program has been launched by Iraqi Finance Ministry's Industrial Bank on Thursday to support country’s private industrial sectors. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, General Manager of the Bank, stated that total 20 million dollars have been allocated by the government for the loan seeking companies or individual entrepreneurs. These loans can be repaid within 25 years.
Information on two new projects in Iraq has been revealed by the Chinese and Iranian companies. Chinese cement equipment provider Sinoma has signed a contract with the Faruk Investment Group to build a cement clinker production line and the Islamic Republic News Agency has reported Iran's intention to build a 2Mt/yr plant.
Ahmed al-Karbuli, Minister of Industry and Minerals, stated that the rehabilitation process in Iraq is not at all an easy thing. It will take a long time to get streamlined and the process is going on as added by the minister.
Wasit State Company Textile Industries which affiliates to the Ministry of Industry Minerals has recently declared that a tender has been called upon to supply the company with electric power another works.
Al Rasheed State Company one of the Ministry of Industry Minerals State Companies has noted to be implementing a number of projects which will provide advantages to the Ministries of Construction Housing Electricity in Dewaniya province. The total sum for the projects is around 138 billion ID. General Director of the company, engineer Jalal Hussein Hassan, stated that the company is working in different projects that will benefit the Central Device Standardization Quality Control at Ministry of Construction
Nasir State Company for Mechanical Industries one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals State Companies disclosed that the company has done some important contracts with a number of companies and State Institutions private sector 2012.
Several industrial and services projects within the public and the private sectors in Diwaniya province has been warned by the Ministry of Environment as apparently the ministry thinks that projects are violating the basic environmental rules and guidelines.
Higher rate of sales through the products, like – blankets, carpets, etc. has been derived by State Company Woolen Industries, one of the Ministry of Industry Minerals State Companies. The total amount of benefits for State Ministries acquired through selling is around 8 Billion ID. Mr. Ahmed Sadoon Yaseen the
Al Kindy State Company, which is one of the Ministry of Industry Minerals State Companies, has recently successfully designed units that can remove sulfur from well water and making it perfect for the agricultural purpose.
Al Furat State Company Chemical Industries, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals State Companies, declared that the company will sell all its products to both the state and private companies.
The Rasheed General Company within the Ministry of Industry and Minerals declared that a budget is allocated for the rehabilitation of the Kirkuk Olympic Stadium. The sum allocated is around IQD 24 Billion, while the project will be ended in 24 months.
The Secretary General of the Free Zones Authority associated to the Ministry of Finance was into a discussion with the delegation of the UN Industrial Development Organization the establishment of industrial zones in Iraq on the context of promoting investment opportunities in the country.
The General Nasir Company for Mechanical Industries within the Ministry of Industry and Minerals declared the conclusion of several contracts for the sake of the State Institutions.
For rehabilitating two factories, Ministry of Industry has allocated 30 million IQD.
Ministry of industry and minerals of Iraq has recently confirmed that the ministry has settled 700 million USD project with the United Brothers Holding, Turkish Industrial Group, to revamp State Company of Iraq for Iron & Steel. State Company for Iron & Steel was inactive for a long time, and it was last sighted to act back in 2003, in the month of April.
Ahmed al-Karbuli, who is the Minister of Industry and Minerals, claimed the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki for excluding the General Company for Cars industry from the resolution of the Cabinet related to prevention of importing the vehicles that general company participates in its production process.
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