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State company of Cotton industries opened Baghdad Cotton Gin

Recently, State Company of Cotton industries inaugurated Baghdad Cotton Gin, after a halt of 10 years. The Factory will be rejuvenated completely so that it can become more productive as well as innovative at the same time.

Engineer Abdul Ameer Sabri Khadom the company General Director clarified that around 150 ton of cotton flower will be processed in the factory. In this regard, it has also to be noted that the company signed a contract with an Austrian Company to build plastic bags plant at Al Anbar Province. In addition, it has a few future projects that are within discussions for feasibility checking.

The company has been recently awarded with non-woven fabric project at a value of 11 billion Iraqi Dinars.
Updated 02 Jul 2013 | Soruce: Ministry of Industry & Minerals | By S.Seal
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