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After three years of forced truancy due to the Daesh group's seizure of the Iraqi city of Mosul, teenager Ali Salem waited nervously outside school to sit an English exam.
Dr Fouad Kadhim Shati Al Musawi, Deputy Minister for Ministry of Higher Education and Science and Technology, Iraq, and Mr Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, have signed agreement for Iraq’s Country Program Framework (CPF) for the period of 2018–2023. Mr. Oudai Al Khairallah, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq was present in that ceremony.
Economic security and prosperity of Iraq as a nation greatly depends on investment in the education sector of Iraq. The price of investment in education sector is high though lack of investment can destroy future of the nation.
On last Saturday, German media Agency in Iraq has concluded its workshop for several members of the local radio stations in Diwaniya City which is located around 180 KM far from Baghdad on the south. The Academy stated that workshop was arranged to focus on providing training on arts as well as techniques of commercial and marketing.
Minister of Education of Iraq, Mohammad Iqbal announced introducing a new project for changing educational framework of Iraq. The project proposes the conversion of three stages of education to four years for each phase dispersed among elementary, middle and junior high stages.
According to a statement by Ministry of Education of Iraq, country’s representative of UNICEF claimed that he has pledged to increase educational assistance for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Kurdistan Region.
Bashar Warda, Archbishop of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, stated, “Our beloved Christian community has so many reasons to leave Iraq today. This is why this university is a strong motive to stay. We all have a great responsibility to give them reasons to stay. I am therefore convinced that this university is a sign of hope."
In a classroom, it has been found that Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen children are sitting beside each other. In the classrooms, Islamic and Christian education textbooks are stacked on the same tables. Mariamana School in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk is a rare show in the country, whose unique cultural, religious and ethnic mosaic is threatened by conflict and sectarianism.
RSK Group and the University of Basrah have agreed to enter into a partnership to help train the next generation of Iraqi engineers and to give them practical experience which would help them to obtain jobs in the Iraqi oil industry. The partnership will give University of Basrah students access to oil field work experience, internships and for some, hopefully, jobs at RSK’s Iraq Energy City base. It will also enable RSK to recruit Iraqi employees trained as specialist engineers for the oil and gas industri
In Iraq, students are waiting for school to be reopened after summer vacation, but al-Asil elementary school in Baghdad's Mansour has been found to be running with students. In this school, students who are victims of violence are getting prepared for the schooling year ahead. Many of them have come into school after a long gap of a year.
Zuhair Humadi is busy plotting alternative means of defeating Islamic State, sitting in his secluded office tucked behind rows of blast walls in Baghdad’s Green Zone.
A lecturer at college of Islamic sciences in Al-Iraqiah University, Muhammad Farwuq Albadry, was chosen as a member of Cambridge University.
Airways Aviation, well known global aviation educator, has planned to open its latest Aviation Theory School in Baghdad.
Belarus and Iraq intend to expand cooperation in the sphere of education and healthcare. These matters were discussed at the meeting of Igor Leshchenya, Head of the Africa and Middle East Office of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Iraq to Belarus Haidar Hadi on 17 March, the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry told BelTA.
On Thursday, Iraq's Education Ministry inaugurated the fourth Kuwaiti-financed school in Basra governorate, southern Iraq, called Shatt Al-Arab Model School, amid wide welcome by local government and education ministry officials.
The Ministry of Education set the 1- 15 of next February as the date for the Spring Holiday for all schools in Iraq.
The ministry of Education of Iraq said that it has launched a package of new educational projects worth 41 billion Iraqi dinars ($34.4 million) across the country.
Belarus is forming partnerships with countries around the world to offer distance learning courses, and thereby to modernize its economy and higher education system.
A formal agreement was made Oct. 21 between the UofA and the University of Karbala in Iraq that would further each institution’s academic objectives by exchanging research, educational materials and developing study programs for students in Iraq and the U.S.
Around 79,000 Iraqi students are getting ready to start vocational training (two-year programs leading to an associate degree) or university (four-year programs leading to a bachelor's degree), according to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announcing the university admissions exam results for the academic year 2013-14. Many students taking their final high school exams received grades ranging from 95 to 100, which could well be the largest group of students in the world attaining suc
On Monday, Iraqi Ministry of Education said that Iraqi officials have opened 44 primary and secondary schools in various areas of Iraq for children displaced due to "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) violence.
Classes started a month behind schedule Wednesday in many areas of Iraq because some schools are crowded with families seeking refuge from violence elsewhere in the country.
In preparation for the start of school, authorities in Babil province have managed to evacuate displaced families from the many schools that had served as shelters, said educational supervisor Qasim Sultani in an interview with Al-Monitor.
On Wednesday, Iraqi government said that it has approved a plan to build 430 primary and secondary schools for boys and girls across the country.
Preparations are on their way in the Dhi Qar province of Iraq to construct five cultural palaces containing buildings with ceremony and meeting halls, museums, theatre works and art exhibits.
Iraqi prime minister for the Kurdistan region government, Nechirvan Barzani, hosted the Hungarian Ambassador to Iraq, Tibor Zatemara, and his accompanying delegation on Thursday.
Given that the Iraqi parliament has not agreed on a new national anthem, Adel Najman, an Iraqi musician living in Australia, decided to compose music for the poem “Salam Ala Hadabat al-Iraq” ("Peace on the Hills of Iraq") by the late poet Muhammad Mahdi al-Jawahiri. It's one of the three poems that have been competing for the national anthem for years in the Iraqi parliament.
The Iraqi Education Ministry last week began a new strategy to cultivate teachers' skills and raise their knowledge levels as part of a broader plan to enhance the national education sector.
The Council of Ministers decided to cancel Saturday holidays for schools and colleges.
The authorities in Basra province of Iraq, want to break the men’s monopoly for driving cars on the streets. In Iraq, it is notable that no legislation is there which restricts women from driving. However, in certain areas of Iraq, due to the rise in Islamic militancy, car driving for women has been marked as banned or prohibited.
Majid al-Nasrawi, Governor of Basra has discussed with the ministry of culture, Tahir al-Hamoud, about the cultural facts of the Basra province. It is noteworthy that after the discussion, both sides have agreed on the point that the Iraqi province of Basra should be nominated for being the capital of Arab Culture of 2018.
As the number of Iraqi students, studying in the USA, is increasing in the last few years, Iraqi government has shown keenness in opening a new American University in Iraq. Minister of Higher Education Ali al-Adeeb asked for public support for such move. In December 16th, he wrote an article on ‘Why Baghdad needs an US University?’ The article was written for the US website, specializing in higher education system.
Currently, 174 Iraqi students are studying in Azerbaijan, said the Deputy Minister of Education Jeyhun Bayramov at the first meeting of Joint Commission between Azerbaijan and Iraq for commercial, economic, technical, scientific and cultural cooperation in Baku.
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ali al-Adeeb discussed during receiving in his office today the Romanian Ambassador to Baghdad Jakob Parada, increasing the number of scholarship granted by Romania to Iraqi students and the possibility to benefit the Romanian academic expertise in the field of oil to add new disciplines to the Iraqi University of Oil and Gas in Qurna and exchange of experiences in the areas of medical, agricultural.
Around 57 billion dinars ($49 million) has been allocated to rehabilitate 18,000 schools across the country, the Iraqi Ministry of Education said Tuesday October 29th.
The first technology chamber has been launched by the University of Baghdad for supporting the research projects in the fields of telecommunications and information technology.
Iraq's school dropout rate has reached its lowest level in about 10 years as a result of successful co-operation with the UN, the Ministry of Education said Thursday (October 3rd).
On this Friday, it has been unveiled by the local media of Iraq the Iraqi Ministry of Education has formed a committee to develop curricula for secondary school students that address terrorism, extremism and the importance of dialogue and peaceful co-existence.
Over 600 new elementary and secondary schools are to be opened in Iraq by this month. This is a part of the national plan that has been taken by the government to make the country enriched with schools and proper education can prevail for all. In a statement, this has been unveiled by the Iraqi ministry of education.
The Iraqi ministry of higher education has announced that on this Tuesday, 20th August, it has created 19 new colleges and 36 new departments at Baghdad University and a number of provincial universities.
The US Mission in Iraq inaugurated the Academy for Financial and Banking Training in Erbil City. In a statement, the US embassy in Iraq, mentioned, “Inauguration of this academy has been done through cooperation and partnership among the USAID, German Association for International Cooperation GIZ and the German Development Organization ADG.”
A workshop has been held by the UNESCO to discuss over the future of Iraqi technical and professional education. A lot of things regarding these have been discussed in that meeting and the major concern of the meeting was to connect Iraq with rest of the world, in terms of such educative measures. Ministry of Education and Higher Education has also participated in that meeting to discuss over different issues and show their interest in this regard. Iraqi government has a high ambition to take Iraq leaps and
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq has stated that the ministry has ratified a nationwide plan for building 13 new universities, in different locations of Iraq.
Dr. Jamal I. Al-Haidari, the Dean of College of Law at University of Baghdad stated that the University obtained academic accreditation by IOA. The organization is an internationally accepted organization, located at Houston, USA.
A workshop has been organized by the central library at University of Al-Basra on Google Maps Maker and identifying the possibility of investing it in research operation.
New building for the College of Basic Education in the city of Haditha has been inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr. Ali Al-Adeeb and Al-Anbar University President Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Dulaimi.
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