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Co-existence to be added to Iraqi school curricula

On this Friday, it has been unveiled by the local media of Iraq the Iraqi Ministry of Education has formed a committee to develop curricula for secondary school students that address terrorism, extremism and the importance of dialogue and peaceful co-existence.
"What we want to get across to adolescent students through the new curricula is the renunciation of terrorism and extremism," said Minister of Education Mohammed Tamim. "We want to expose the ideas of armed groups that take cover under religion to carry out their horrific acts."
He further added that the committee will prepare textbooks for the secondary school level based on three principles: citizenship, dialogue and rejection of violence and extremism. The textbooks will be written in a manner so that general consciousness among the people can prevail. It will explain the risks of resorting to violence, extremism and terrorism and that all monotheistic religions reject these actions.
Updated 01 Oct 2013 | Soruce: AINA | By S.Seal
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