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Workshop for radio station advertising in Diwaniya concluded by MICT

Workshop for radio station advertising in Diwaniya concluded by MICT
On last Saturday, German media Agency in Iraq has concluded its workshop for several members of the local radio stations in Diwaniya City which is located around 180 KM far from Baghdad on the south. The Academy stated that workshop was arranged to focus on providing training on arts as well as techniques of commercial and marketing.

Trainer at the workshop, Yasir Ismael, said, "Workshop targeted the workers in the field of media in Diwaniya in order to enable them generate finance resources through commercials and advertisement to continue their progress away from finance provided by political parties which will deprive them from being independent."

He also added, "Marketing arts require special skills based on practical rules set through researches and studies in different countries."

He also illustrated, "The German Academy intends to implement several training courses and workshops in different Iraqi provinces to develop capacities of journalists working in media outlets."

Journalist Riyadh al-Suwaidi said, "The workshop provided by the German Academy (MICT) for the radio stations in Diwaniya city has provided modern information over studying and analyzing markets and arts of specifying targets for advertisements."
Journalist Ahmed Mansour al-Qasier clarified, "Independent media outlets need to find new finance resources through recognizing arts of marketing and get more advertisements in order to guarantee its stability and continuity of its work away from partisan financial support." 
Updated 24 May 2017 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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