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US President Donald Trump has met his Iraqi counterpart in Washington, D.C., praising the "unprecedented cooperation" between the two countries in ridding Iraq of ISIS and reaffirming the US' commitment to bolstering the country's security. 
At an inopportune time, Iraqi government has sacked its defense minister. As per reports, on 25th August, 2016, the Iraqi National Assembly moved against Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi in a vote of no confidence, held in secret because of continued political haggling aimed, at preventing the decision.
On last Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the Iraqi army has dislodged Islamic State from the Qayyara oil producing region located south of their de facto capital Mosul.
On last Thursday, Iraqi forces pushed the Islamic State group from Qayyarah, a northern town considered strategic for any future offensive against the militants' last stronghold of Mosul.
During his visit to Kurdistan region, an American senator stated that Baghdad and Erbil must show full coordination along with international coalition to fight the battle in Mosul.
Global oil glut has resulted into geopolitical instability and the economic crash in Iraq.
Iraq is in news these days due to government and allied militia forces fight to reclaim territory from the Islamic Group militants.
Shabak community has been considered as one of the ethnic minorities in Iraq.
Iraq Wallet’s ‘Pay with ZainCash’ has been anticipated to have a major impact on expanding e-commerce nationwide supporting the creation of an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to operate, while stimulating Iraq’s digital economy and kick-starting the adoption of e-commerce.
According to health ministry of Iraq’s spokesperson, a fire that killed 13 children in an Iraqi maternity ward was apparently started intentionally. Ahmed al-Rudeini had previously said that fire at Yarmuk Hospital, one of the main such facilities in Baghdad, had been started by an electrical fault.
Iraq’s parliament has approved five new ministers after months of delay and repeated setbacks to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's efforts to replace the cabinet.
Middle East region is now facing the worst heat waves ever. Experts have warned that high temperature can lead to such extent that human survival would become impossible. They have also advised to control greenhouse gas emission.
A United Nations agency said on Thursday it would help Iraq to tackle endemic graft that is eroding its economy and institutions as Baghdad struggles to defeat Islamic State militants.
Abdel Hussein Abtan, Iraqi Minister of Transportation, stated that Iraqi Airways will restart its flight services to Europe from upcoming Sunday.
Iraqi forces prepares for fresh attacks again IS to regain its territory from the militants. A few residents inside the city of Mosul, captured by IS militants. They have expressed their relief after escape.
Corruption case against Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri by Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi has been turned downed down by the court, citing lack of evidence.
Officials from the state-run North Oil Company say a well controlled by Kurdish peshmerga fighters in Kirkuk has exploded.
The Iraqi military will use a medieval tactic to keep control of Fallujah after recapturing it from the Islamic State group last month: It is digging a trench around the city.
It has been reported that France will send artillery to assist Iraqi armed forces. It will further deploy an aircraft carrier to the region to give more advantages to Iraqi forces to fight against ISIS.
As Islamic State is defeated in Iraq and Syria, a chance for stable political future in this region is about to begin.
The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of the potential foreign military sale of AC-208 sustainment, logistics and spares support to Iraq.
It has been reported that a percentage of Korean builders have yet to receive any payments for construction projects abroad, mostly from oil-producing countries in the Middle East that are experiencing financial difficulties due to low oil prices.
As per reports, Iraqi government forces have retaken most of the city of Falluja from Islamic State militants, who were holding the area since 2014.
According to reports, due to a car bomb in a Shi’ite Muslim district of Baghdad at least 52 people got killed, and Islamic States have claimed the responsibility of this human made disaster. Security has gradually improved in the Iraqi capital, which was the target of daily bombings a decade ago, but violence directed against the security forces and Shi’ite civilians is still frequent. Large blasts sometimes set off reprisal attacks against the minority Sunni community.
Baghdad, capital city of Iraq, put forward a de facto coup, as protestors showed their rages in parliament. It was a total mess and chaos, as politicians have been found manhandling each other.
On Thursday, Joe Biden arrived to Baghdad with intent to help Iraqi leaders resolve a political crisis that has hindered efforts to defeat the Islamic State group. Biden landed at midday after an overnight flight from Washington. He was expected to meet with government officials and stress the need for unity, although the White House did not disclose his itinerary.
By running car dealership and fish firms in Iraq, Islamic States earns millions of dollars per month, as stated by Iraqi judicial officer. Security experts once estimated the ultra-radical Islamist group's annual income at $2.9 billion, much of it coming from oil and gas installations in Iraq and Syria. The U.S.-led coalition has targeted Islamic State's financial infrastructure, using air strikes to reduce its ability to extract, refine and transport oil and so forcing fighters to reportedly take signific
In the city of Hit, located western Iraq’s Anbar province, single Iraqi tank M1 Abrams has been deployed to counter the ISIS militants. So far, this tank is doing well, and it has been named as ‘Beast’ for showing ruthless attacking power against enemies.
Iraqi central bank manager in autonomous Kurdistan region was arrested as part of a probe into an alleged illegal bond trading scheme that may have cost the cash-strapped government more than $1 billion. Adham Karim, the head of the Iraqi central bank in the Kurdish regional capital Irbil, had been taken into custody along with his deputy.
On last Tuesday, a specialist team from Italy reached Mosul Dam of Iraq, as the dam has been anticipated to collapse due to damages.
Airport security has changed quite drastically over the last few years..
According to the commander in charge, an Iraqi army offensive touted as the first phase of a campaign to recapture the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State has been paused until more forces arrive to hold ground.
Mosul dam generates 1,000 megawatts of electricity and holds back an estimated 11 billion cubic tons of water. If such an important dam seizes working, then the impact of citizen’s of Iraq will be immense.
Zaid Nazo, an Iraqi businessman, has always been the idea about his nation’s deep passion for food. He transformed his small coffee shop, which was established in 1999, into a casual dining and takeaway restaurant. Today, he has opened four new branches of his food joint. His joint is known to be one of the most popular joints in Iraq.
It has been 13 years long, since US, UK and their allies had made invasion in Iraq. Today, the country stands no more liberated. There are corruptions, security problems, lack of unity and lack of democratic freedom. Iraq has to worry about its future and the fragmentation that may come as a result of failing governments to safeguard the well-being of Iraqis.
Global heavy lifting and specialized transport company ALE has successfully completed the year-long operations for the Badra heavy transportation contract in Iraq.
Moqtada al-Sadr, powerful Iraqi Shit’te leader, has warned political party leaders they would face street protests if they obstruct a government overhaul planned by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to fight corruption.
A broad offensive plan has been launched by Iraqi government in order to retake the city of Hit from ISIL in the western province of Anbar. Led by the elite Counter-Terrorism Service, forces from the police, army and local tribal fighters were making a final push to retake Hit, 145 KM west of Baghdad. Major Gene
The Iraqi military said Thursday that it had captured several villages in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, backed by American airstrikes, in an operation that it described as an early phase of the campaign to retake the city of Mosul from Islamic State extremists.
In the month of February, oil exports from northern Iraq nearly halved due to ongoing outage of a pipeline to Turkey, wiping $350 million off the cash-strapped Kurdistan region's revenues as it battles Islamic State.
On last Monday, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has affirmed full support from Egypt for the unity and sovereignty of the Iraqi state on the entire territory.
Atlas Copco has appointed a new distributor – Merkez Al-Madina for Machinery and Equipment Trading Company – in order to boost commercial activities in Iraq.
According to the officials, the Iraqi army is deploying thousands of soldiers to a northern base in preparation for operations to retake the Islamic State group's hub of Mosul. IS seized Mosul in June 2014 and except for air strikes has held Iraq's second city largely unopposed for over 18 months as the country's security forces battled the jihadists in other areas.
Defense minister of Iraq, Khalid al-Ubaidi, has received the US Ambassador to Iraq, Stewart Jones, in his office.
On last Monday, Canadian Prime Minister announced that the country will end airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq by the month of February. He remarked, "The people terrorized by ISIL every day don't need our vengeance, they need our help."
Oil minister of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi was able to fuel an equities rebound overnight after hinting that Saudi Arabia and Russia could come to an agreement on oil production and perhaps begin the process of bringing about a managed end to the deeply damaging supply war of the last 14 months.
It is anticipated that in forthcoming days Kurdistan region of Iraq would serve as the launch pad for U.S.-supported efforts to liberate Raqqa and Mosul, the capitals of the so-called Islamic State. In longer terms, it is expected that Kurdistan may emerge as a separate state, liberated from Iraq both financially and politically.
Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti said that his country will send a team specialized in treating war wounded to Iraq as it prepares to send troops to guard Mosul dam maintenance workers.
To halt internet services, Iraq is planning to persuade satellite firms in those areas, which are under control of Islamic State. The country is attempting to give a blow to IS potent propaganda machine which relies heavily on social media to inspire its followers to wage jihad.
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