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After Iraq, is Islamic State losing ground at Syria too!

As Mosul is liberated from IS ‘caliphate’, rumors have emerged in social media that end of ISIS is also nearing at Syria.

From the year of 2011, unrest in Syria is going on. The unrest in Syria has clearly indicated that Daesh is a 'transnational' of terror that emerged from the economic interests of the big powers and the interventionist arrogance that characterizes them.

The extremists of that organization, which 'technically and ideologically' exceeded the myth of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, appeared in Syria to occupy, in the first place, the strategic and vital oil and gas fields in the northeast of the country. With ringleaders and chiefs of operations, traitors and corrupt, above all of Iraqi origin, trained and advised by western intelligence services, especially from the United States, Daesh recruited thousands of mercenaries from at least 30 nationalities.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is the supreme caliph of Daesh, whose post he proclaimed for himself in 2014 at the great mosque of Mosul, although the United States was besieging that region and had been granting ten million dollars for his head since 2011.

No one knows exactly why and how the U.S. occupation forces in Iraq released him from prison and gave him 'a free pass', in addition to allowing him to define the absolute independence from Al Qaeda.

Whoever thinks that that the documents on the top leader of Daesh from intelligence agencies provide concrete elements on mutual implications denies the intentionality of those 'institutions' to create confusion and alternative stories. In the last few hours of June, Iraqi authorities noted that Baghdadi was killed in an air raid and not precisely by the U.S.-led international coalition, which was looking for him intensively.

Daesh operated in Iraq, where it achieved precise goals and, in a certain way, was defeated, but it is still present in Syria, where it is fighting against the National Army and the allied militias in key positions in the vast eastern desert. 'Masters' in smuggling cultural and historic assets that they stole from Iraq and Syria, bank robbers, 'tax' negotiators with companies such as Lafargue Olcim in the large fields of phosphate in northern Syria, Daesh is still far from being 'dismantled'.

Present in social networks, on the Internet, with thousands of Twitter accounts, magazines like Dabiq, despite being blocked, the Islamic State continues to be the option for horror and terror in Syria, a main objective pursued by the United States and its allies in the Middle East, without taking into consideration confessional foundations but the vast economic options that create petrodollars.
Updated 04 Jul 2017 | Soruce: PL English | By S.Seal
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