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Iraqi PM says Kurdistan referendum unconstitutional

Iraqi PM says Kurdistan referendum unconstitutional
On a press meeting, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the referendum that Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) plans to hold in northern Iraq in "not constitutional."
Abadi mentioned, "The KRG claims that they won't implement the result of the referendum. If you won't implement it, then why would you do it?"
Calling the KRG and Baghdad partners in their homeland, Abadi said that it is not correct to do anything unilaterally.

"I do not want any new problems. The relationship between the military and peshmerga is very good and there are no sensitivities. I urge them to come up with an alternative to the referendum. The KRG is a part of Iraq. Kurds are the first class citizens of Iraq and they will remain so," Abadi said.

He further added, "The neighboring countries see the situation as a national security threat, and they are right. I want us to continue our solidarity."
In June, KRG President Massoud Barzani announced that they would hold a referendum on independence from Baghdad on Sept. 25. Ankara has opposed the independence vote, calling it a "grave mistake" that would "result in undesired results" for regional peace and security.

With a population of around 5 million people, Iraqi Kurdistan already enjoys a high degree of autonomy. It has its own parliament and armed forces, but has clashed with the central administration in Baghdad over distribution of oil revenues and control of some areas under the central Iraqi administration.
Regarding the liberation of Mosul from the Daesh, Abadi said that civilians were against the terrorist organization in the city. "Some families were reporting Daesh to security forces. We are not supporting collective punishment. We want to have societal peace."

He also mentioned reports on torture of civilians in Mosul, saying that they do not present the truth. On July 9, Abadi declared victory against Daesh in Mosul, but dramatic photos from the centuries-old city that went viral on social media and on news sites show wide-scale destruction.
Updated 09 Aug 2017 | Soruce: AINA | By S.Seal
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