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Agriculture & Water Resources

According to a report, Iraq has signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to upgrade the water network for Sulaimaniyah City
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Iraq has officially endorsed a project that has been aimed to end water problem of the country.
As per European traders, Iraq's state grains board has again extended a deadline for a decision in a tender to buy at least 50,000 tons of hard wheat with offers remaining valid until the close of business on Monday (June 29).
Not an oxymoron, Nature Iraq is the name of the country’s leading conservation group. Since it was founded in 2004, it has set up a series of projects to understand and protect the wildlife of Iraq. Now it is able to reflect on three years of effective work which has brought great benefits, both to humans and to wildlife
For Iraqi farmers, November is a usual busy time as they sow their seeds ahead of the bitter winter months. Yet this year fields lay unplanted - goats and cows wander aimlessly among slay palm trees. Months of fighting have taken a heavy toll on the town, 60km south of Baghdad in Babil Governorate, leaving buildings in ruin and fields flooded or scorched - in many cases both.
To address Iraq's deepening food insecurity international donors need to not only feed displaced people but also help farmers salvage next year's wheat harvest, a senior United Nations official told.
An Iraq desalination project to supply 400,000 people in the southern city of Basra with drinking water has been enlarged with added works for Veolia Environment (VIE), Hitachi Ltd. and Egypt engineering firm ArabCo.
It was announced that Mayor of Baghdad Na'eem Aboub al-Ka'bi decided to review and increase the prices of water supply in order to assist the mayoralty implement its strategic projects.
The Ministry of Agriculture Undersecretary, Mahdi Dhumad al-Qaisi discussed on Tuesday with the Australian Ambassador in Iraq Lendl Sachs, the prospects of cooperation and relations between the Ministry of Agriculture and Australian counterpart.
The Ministry of Agriculture Undersecretary, Mahdi Dhumad al-Qaisi discussed on Tuesday with the Australian Ambassador in Iraq Lendl Sachs, the prospects of cooperation and relations between the Ministry of Agriculture and Australian counterpart.
In the official announcement of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki's office, it has been revealed that ISIS gunmen blocked all the water sources that runt into the other parts of Iraq.
After oil, it is water which is a new crisis that lingers in the horizon between the center and Kurdistan region. This crisis is not at all negligible and should be considered with the same gravity, which is used for considering the oil feuds between Baghdad and Erbil.
The Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Water Resources has taken delivery of seven 55 tons Tadano GT-550E-2 truck cranes from the company’s distributor United Iraqi Trading Equipment.
A member of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water, MP of the State of Law coalition, Hadi al-Yasiri warned from the risk of completing the building of planned Turkish dam / Jazra / inside the Iraqi-Turkish border on the source of the Tigris river, which would take / 45% / of water to the Iraqi territory .
Turkey and its neighbours, Iraq and Syria, have been in dispute over water for five decades. Iraq and Syria accuse Turkey of using more water than it should, while Ankara says the other two countries are wasting their share. Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught reports from Istanbul.
The channeling of the water arriving to Oum Al Wadea Island in the center of the marshlands of Dhi Qar has turned in an environmental threat for Iraq. The concerning authority has remarked this as the damages in pumping station.
On this Sunday, July 8th, General Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations in Iraq cal on those farmers wheat and barley crops were damaged by the floods and the rain in all provinces for reviewing their losses in order to start the compensation process.
The site of fisherman sailing on the Shatt al -Arab waterway had become a thing of the past. Southern Iraq's marshlands have been revived recently which is encouraging the fishermen in a new way and boat maker of that region are finding new hopes for their businesses.
Deputy Agriculture Minister Ghazi al-Ubaidi has stated that Iraq has gained the ability to meet its domestic demands for the vegetables and fruits of different kinds. He also remarked that recent leap in agriculture has put Iraq in a strong position and soon the agricultural sector of Iraq will serve nation’s economy significantly.
Iraqi Trade Minister has raised burley and wheat prices in order to encourage the Iraqi farmers to sell their produced goods to the state-run silos. State-run firm affiliated to the Trade Ministry, namely the Grain Board of Iraq stated that recent downpour in the southern provinces particularly caused delayed launch of harvest season in the country.
A proposal has been ratified by the Iraqi government in this week, regarding the purchase prices of wheat, barley and yellow corn. To support the local farmers a few decisions will be taken from the government and it is anticipated that through this agricultural sector would experience a significant growth.
On Wednesday, Iraqi Government announced that the government has completed a project, worthy of 12 billion Iraqi dinars to cease desertification in 9 provinces of Iraq.
Agriculture Undersecretary Ghazi Radhi met a US delegation from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the proposal of joint cooperation and future prospects
There has been a substantial surge in the wheat production of Iraq in the years since 2003, when the U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq.
The farmers in Dhi Qar live in fear of the probability that floods might invade their fields and the farms. They implored the government to take measures for dealing with the issue. In the mean time, the local government underestimated the significance of their fear.
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