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Water scarcity likely to bring the threat of environmental disaster in Iraq

Water scarcity likely to bring the threat of environmental disaster in Iraq
The channeling of the water arriving to Oum Al Wadea Island in the center of the marshlands of Dhi Qar has turned in an environmental threat for Iraq. The concerning authority has remarked this as the damages in pumping station.
This paints the picture of the suffering incurred by Oum Al Wadea Island residents as well as its surroundings in Al Nasiriyah’s marshlands after water levels decreased due to a governmental decision calling for channeling the water that flows into this region to another one.
The scarcity of water has broken out and the normal lifestyle of the residents have been hampering at the highest level. General works, like fishing, breeding bullock herds as well as selling bamboo and papyrus have become daunting due to this environmental threat.
The local Government and Marshland Rehabilitation Directorate ascribed Oum Al Wadea Island’s suffering to water scarcity and a technical fault in water pumping stations which channeled water into Al Basra.
The increasingly deteriorating water levels in the marshlands threaten to turn it into a desert, killing any remaining vegetation or aquatic life form. Government and all concerning bodies are in search for alternative solutions so that these lands can be saved from this threat of being dried up. However, still no concrete solutions have come!
Updated 06 Aug 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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