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Iraqi farmers are worried about flood invasion

The farmers in Dhi Qar live in fear of the probability that floods might invade their fields and the farms. They implored the government to take measures for dealing with the issue. In the mean time, the local government underestimated the significance of their fear.
Rises of Tigris water levels as well as dangers of floods that threatened many provinces mixed with the fear of farmed in Dhi Qar that water floods might invade their fields and farms, inviting the government to take necessary measures to prevent such tragedy from happening.
Mokdad Al Yasiri, the head of the farmers’ union said that they project that their farming lands would be washed away by the floods due to an increased water levels after putting on hold east Al Ghiraf and west Al Ghiraf projects consisting of irrigation canals that draw water from Euphrates, Such projects are deserted and closed down.
Hashem Aswadi, who is a farmer, said in fear that in his land, he has planted wheat and barley, if great quantities of water flooded his land he will lose everything.
Subaih Aswadi, another farmer said that they live in a state of alert, water flooded this region as well as Tikrit. They have been located between these two regions, so soon the water might reach to them too.
The local government in the province underestimated the importance of their fear confirming that preemptive measures were taken in addition to forming a crisis committee after the recent floods in neighboring provinces.
Hassan Al Asadi, who is the head of the Wetland Reclamation committee in the provincial council, confirmed saying that the operations rooms have given their directives requiring that villages strengthen the dams already made and commissioned the directorates of Dhi Qar municipalities and relevant authorities inside and outside the district to work on finishing the dams and strengthening them in case water level increased in Al Kout and Al Aamara.
Updated 12 Feb 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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