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A member of Agriculture and Water Committee warns of disaster if Turkey completed a large Dam

A member of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water, MP of the State of Law coalition, Hadi al-Yasiri warned from the risk of completing the building of planned Turkish dam / Jazra / inside the Iraqi-Turkish border on the source of the Tigris river, which would take / 45% / of water to the Iraqi territory .

Yasiri said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Turkish government has exceeded all international conventions for the riparian countries by its willingness to build a Giant Dam on the sources of the Tigris River," stressing that" the dam will be located close to the Iraqi-Turkish border about 38 kilometers inside Turkish territory.

He added that "The construction of the dam will cause destruction of half a million acres of farmland in Iraq," adding that" most of the population of the farmland, nearby the sources of the Tigris River are going to expel their territories and will head to the cities , which will cause an increase of population in the cities and increase unemployment and poverty. "

Yasiri called the federal government and the concerned ministries to stand against the building of the dam and hold talks with the Turkish side to avoid damage causing by the Dam and put / RAM SAR International / agreement with Turkey to comply with it and do not penetrate.

Turkey has recently announced the completion of the schemes of the dam ( Jazra ) , which is about 38 km from the Turkish-Iraqi border.
Updated 09 Feb 2014 | Soruce: NINA |
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