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Growth in harvest for Iraq in 2013

Iraqi Trade Minister has raised burley and wheat prices in order to encourage the Iraqi farmers to sell their produced goods to the state-run silos. State-run firm affiliated to the Trade Ministry, namely the Grain Board of Iraq stated that recent downpour in the southern provinces particularly caused delayed launch of harvest season in the country.
However, the ministry also confirmed that all aspects concerning marketing wheat, barley and rice are in place. For this year’s harvest, the board did not give any exact prediction of this year’s harvest, but its information officer Amer Abdulaziz said there were strong indications of bumper yields.
It has to be noted that Iraq has reaped the highest number of grains last year – which is a landmark in agricultural sector after US-led invasion in Iraq. According to the ministry of agriculture, this year’s wheat produce will surpass 3 million tons.
“This year’s grain marketing season is going to be exceptional due to higher produce and better yields. All indicators by the Ministry of Agriculture point to abundant yields,” said Abdulaziz. The government now pays farmers 792,000 dinars for each tone of wheat instead of 720,000. One dollar is worth 1250 dinars.
Updated 11 May 2013 | Soruce: Azzaman | By S.Seal
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