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Water going in middle and south of Iraq held by ISIS

In the official announcement of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki's office, it has been revealed that ISIS gunmen blocked all the water sources that runt into the other parts of Iraq.
According to the depiction of the announcement, it can be stated that despite of all their brutal actions, ISIS group, well supported by the remainder of Baath members, have blocked water sources flow to the people of middle and south of Iraq against all the humanity measurements.
"That causes the people a great danger and it gets more serious as their agriculture needs a lot of water."
The announcement persistently demands the Iraqi government to use all its capabilities and forces to save the people's lives and agriculture properties in those areas from this danger.
The announcement further noted, "We will not tolerate terrorist actions to use Fallujah as a base from where to launch their attacks on other parts of Iraq, playing with people's lives and fortunes.”
The announcement calls on the people of Anbar Province and the places around it to take their moral and national responsibilities hand in hand with the Iraqi forces against the terrorist groups.
Updated 07 Apr 2014 | Soruce: PUK Media | By S.Seal
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