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Agricultural cooperative associations to start damage compensation of Iraqi farmers

On this Sunday, July 8th, General Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations in Iraq cal on those farmers wheat and barley crops were damaged by the floods and the rain in all provinces for reviewing their losses in order to start the compensation process.
In a statement, head of the Federation Hussein Nassif Al Tamimi remarked, “All the farmers must deliver the sale invoices for their wheat and barley crops to the agricultural authorities so suitable procedures can be undertaken to indemnify them.”
On the day of June 3rd, 2013, the demand of the agricultural minster had been approved by the Iraqi cabinet. The demand was regarding the compensation to the farmers, who faced severe losses due to excessive downfall in the country recently. Downfall at this time of the season is harmful for the crops.
Some Iraqi provinces, especially Al Nasiriyah, Missan, Al Kout and the outskirts of Baghdad witnessed previously heavy rains and floods leading to shutting down streets and damaging crops. On the other hand, water inflow from Iran has sunk a vast land of Missan and Wasset province. Due to this flood situation, all crops were damaged.
Updated 10 Jul 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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