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New dispute between Baghdad and Kurdistan regarding water crisis

After oil, it is water which is a new crisis that lingers in the horizon between the center and Kurdistan region. This crisis is not at all negligible and should be considered with the same gravity, which is used for considering the oil feuds between Baghdad and Erbil.
Many discussions are taking place in Kurdistan region to cut off the water that flows to the center from Dukan Dam and Darbandikhan Dam; while many parties refuse to use water to push for political issues.
Water remains an important life-sustaining element as its scarcity leads to the decrease of economic and human activity. Kurdistan’s neighboring regions will undergo these consequences in case there was a real water shortage in Dukan Dam and Darbandikhan Dam.
Dukan Dam impounds the Little Zab River located at 60 kilometers north-west of Al Sulaymaniyah and about 100 km away from Kirkuk. Any shortage in the water of this dam will greatly influence the agricultural regions of Kirkuk; especially if the relevant authorities do not exert any effort to make up for the current lack in water due to the scarcity of rain.
Darbandikhan Dam is located in Al Sulaymaniyah province and works on electricity. Any shortage in the dam water will directly influence the agricultural lands in Kirkuk and Tawz in Salahuddine as well as other regions in Diyala.
Observers consider that it might be impossible to solve the water problem as well as previous crisis such as the budget and the oil exportation; unless the different political parties reach a constitutional compromise.
Updated 04 Mar 2014 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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