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UNESCO to initiate workshops in Iraq to support Iraqi technical educational sector

UNESCO to initiate workshops in Iraq to support Iraqi technical educational sector
A workshop has been held by the UNESCO to discuss over the future of Iraqi technical and professional education. A lot of things regarding these have been discussed in that meeting and the major concern of the meeting was to connect Iraq with rest of the world, in terms of such educative measures. Ministry of Education and Higher Education has also participated in that meeting to discuss over different issues and show their interest in this regard. Iraqi government has a high ambition to take Iraq leaps and bounds success in terms of the technical fields as that will enhance the overall infrastructure of the country, also provide strong future prospects.
Nabeel al-Naqash, a representative from UNESCO, stated, “In collaboration with the Education Ministry and the Higher Education Ministry, we identified the projects the UNESCO will establish in 2013 which cover many topics including the technical and professional education for its importance in the educational process.”
He also added that initiatives will be taken by the UNESCO to nourish the faculty member so that they can be trained meticulously and thus can provide global standard education to the students.
Salah al-Niaimi, the representative of the MoHE, stated that mainly development programs have been discussed in the workshop. Also, they discussed about the feasibilities of different measures that have been initiated to make Iraq technically sound country, through providing proper technical education to its people. Implementation possibilities of development programs, like - International Bolonia program has been discussed also.

Updated 26 Jun 2013 | Soruce: Iraqi News | By S.Seal
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