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Ministry of Industry to Support State Institutions, Concluding Contracts for Several Projects

The General Nasir Company for Mechanical Industries within the Ministry of Industry and Minerals declared the conclusion of several contracts for the sake of the State Institutions.
Dhief Fehan Mahmoud, The Director General of Nasir Company, proclaimed that for the interest of the Karkh electricity department with gross cost of IQD (3960) billion the company has completed a contract. Another contract has been made for a project of a store development for General Ur Company and the total estimated budget for this contract is around IQD (277) million.
The company has also attached in contracts with the Ministry of Culture for restoring a fire extinguishing system, along with another project which intends to establish water station. The gross budget that has been calculated for this project is around 1450 billion IQD.
Updated 13 Mar 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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