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Iraq showed its keenness in medicines made in Armenia

The Chairman of Union of Medicine Producers and Importers Samvel Zakarian stated that Arpimed and Likvor pharmaceutical companies will receive good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificates until September. For selling their products in the European regions, the GMP certificates are important for the abovementioned companies.
Zakarian also told that Iraq has shown great interest in US medicines. Though, the company is in query of a confirmation of manufacturing standards, while GMP certificates will become such a confirmation. He also stated that there has been a 14-17% annual growth in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.
On the context of increasing medicine prices, he stated that from past 6 months, the global prices have varied hardly; only 3 to 4 percent growth has been noted in some cases. The union chairman linked the rise in prices of some drugs with seasonal diseases, for example, the prices of anti-allergy medicines tend to go up in the summer. According to him, the turnover of counterfeit and unregistered medicines does not exceed 4% in Armenia.
He remarked that such counterfeit and unregistered medicines are brought in bags from Georgia, with a exempt of 20% VAT. Such medicines are creating market value differences between Armenian and Georgian medicines.

Updated 18 Jun 2013 | Soruce: Aysor | By S.Seal
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