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Number of projects getting operated by Al Rasheed State Company

Al Rasheed State Company one of the Ministry of Industry Minerals State Companies has noted to be implementing a number of projects which will provide advantages to the Ministries of Construction Housing Electricity in Dewaniya province. The total sum for the projects is around 138 billion ID. General Director of the company, engineer Jalal Hussein Hassan, stated that the company is working in different projects that will benefit the Central Device Standardization Quality Control at Ministry of Construction Housing supervision by State Committee Building at 82% permance rate until January 2013.
For the benefit of Ministry of Electricity/Gas Production Project Directorate, Al Hilla Power Station according to supplying contract with (PROTEC) Qatar Company, has been underway. Apart from that a number of projects have been implemented by the company to benefit the ministry of education. From secondary school building to primary school development – all kinds of projects are on their way of completion. Some projects are also there to aid the infrastructure of the country, aiding road development and bridge development.
Updated 05 Apr 2013 | Soruce: Ministry of Industry & Minerals | By S.Seal
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