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Industrial and service projects in Dewaniya - warned by MoE

Several industrial and services projects within the public and the private sectors in Diwaniya province has been warned by the Ministry of Environment as apparently the ministry thinks that projects are violating the basic environmental rules and guidelines.
Through a statement, it has been stated by the ministry, “The Protection and Enhancing Environment Directorate in the Middle Euphrates Region within the Ministry of Environment directed a warning for Diwaniya Municipality department and Diwaniya Sewage department.” Such decision has been taken as the basic environmental terms and conditions have been violated in the project areas. Ministry is unhappy with the waste disposal and unprocessed sewage materials that have been scattered, in the residential neighborhoods in Jamiaa neighborhood of Diwaniya province.
The statement indicated that major health concerns among the local residents can be observed as the disposed sewage and wastes formed ponds of wastewater in the project areas. In another statement, it has been concluded that through the environmental laws, direct warnings have been given for the terms and conditions violation. The ministry can also impose financial penalties for the possible and anticipated hazards and even can close the projects if the environmental issues are not resolved properly.
Updated 05 Apr 2013 | Soruce: All Iraq news | By S.Seal
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