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Common operations discussed between Iraqi Minister of Industry and Japanese Ambassador

Common operations discussed between Iraqi Minister of Industry and Japanese Ambassador
The Minister of Industry Ahmed al-Karbouli has called the Japanese companies to submit their objections to the Japanese Embassy, regarding concerns with their rights of regain, counterfeiting the trade brands by local plants and companies in Iraq.

In a statement, released by the ministry, it has been stated that Japanese ambassador, Masatu Takaoka, took part into the discussion with the ministry of industry, along with accompanied Japanese delegation teams. To enhance the mutual cooperation in the field the meeting was called for. Building new plants for fertilizers, petrochemicals, urea and manufacturing the electrical convertors and cars – have been planned and discussed in the meeting.

The statement also added that building new factories for the fertilizers and petrochemicals was the proposal from the Japanese delegation’s end. It was successfully ratified by the ministry and it stated that the ministry is willing to work together in manufacturing cars and other specialized equipments.

It has been also revealed by the media sources that the Japanese Ambassador expressed pleasure for meeting Karbouli, stressing "Iraq is economically an important country and it is a focus of attention of the global markets, where we have many projects for rebuilding Iraq." – Thereafter the statement enclosed.

Updated 06 Jun 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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