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Kurdistan government keen to discuss oil revenue with Iraq

On coming 25th September, 2017, the Kurdistan Regional Government will hold a referendum on independence for the region.
The UN envoy for Iraq has warned the road ahead is “extremely challenging “following the liberation of Mosul, stressing that freeing other territory controlled by Islamic State will not be easy.
On last Monday, Jan Kubis told the Security Council that instituting the rule of law and promoting development will also be crucial.
He further stated, “The government will have to do everything possible to give the people back their lives in security and dignity in order to turn the military victory in Iraq’s second-largest city into stability.”
Mr. Kubis urged it to quickly start negotiations with the Iraqi government on critical issues including oil and revenue sharing and the status of disputed territories.
Updated 22 Jul 2017 | Soruce: Energy Voice | By S.Seal
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