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Youth Employment program launched by USAID

On Thursday, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the launching of a new Youth Employment Promotion (YEP) Program in Iraq dubbed “foras” meaning opportunities for the upcoming 2 years.
USAID mission director in Iraq, Thomas Staal, stated, “The Agency seeks to apply the USAID’s program for work force promotion in Iraq under the name of “opportunity” throughout the two upcoming years, in the aim of helping people find job opportunities and allowing companies to recruit suitable employees.”
Stall also remarked that applying this program is dependent upon the all available channels. Employment seekers have to follow due processes, like signing up, attaching resume and then contracting relevant companies.
He said that the agency will aid the workforce of Iraqi to find the potential opportunities. He also reveal that soon the agency’s project will be reduced. He commented, “The current phase should be dedicated to capacity building, unlike previous times, now Iraq will see our projects through”.
The agency will work for a few more years to stabilize Iraqi workforce and to enhance social lifestyle through endorsing opportunities for the potential labors. Stall clarified, “Last year, congress granted the Agency 200 million USD to manage its programs in Iraq, however this year we don’t know what amount will be allocated to us.”
He also supported small loan programs for the Iraqis. He pointed out their most important achievement is that governmental institutions and national banks are giving out such loans nowadays.
Updated 12 May 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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