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Commercial exchange between Iraq and China to be reviewed

The size of commercial exchange between Iraq and China during 2013 exceeded 20 billion USD in the sector of energy and goods.
In a statement, the ministry of foreign affairs reported, ''The Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, conducted a luncheon in the honor of Chinese ambassador Ni Jian, on the occasion of ending his tasks in Iraq,'' noting that ''The luncheon was attended by several ambassadors and undersecretaries of ministries.''
The statement further added, ''The meeting tackled the size of commercial exchange where both sides praised the increased development in commercial exchange since its exceed USD (20) billions during 2013.''
The statement concluded, ''Zebari and the Chinese Ambassador assured the means of promoting bilateral relations and activating joint committees in order to increase the cooperation in fields of trade and economy.''
Updated 18 Nov 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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