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Australian wheat offered lowest in Iraq tender

Australian wheat was offered at the lowest price of $334.78 a tonne c&f free out (ciffo) in a tender from Iraq's state grain board to purchase at least 50,000 tonnes of hard wheat, European traders said on Monday.
The offer was for 50,000 tonnes. This was followed by a separate offer for 50,000 tonnes of Australian wheat at $335 a tonne ciffo, traders said.

Other offers for Australian wheat were made at $342.75 and $345.56 a tonne ciffo, traders said.
The lowest offer for U.S. wheat was $349 a tonne ciffo and the lowest Canadian offer was $347 a tonne ciffo.
The tender sought hard milling wheat sourced from the United States, Canada or Australia only and had closed on Sunday with offers having to remain valid up to Thursday, Jan. 23.
A total 450,000 tonnes of Australian wheat was offered in the tender along with 150,000 tonnes from the United States and 150,000 tonnes from Canada.
Shipment was sought between April 11 and May 10 with delivery between May 11 and June 26, traders said.
Volumes in Iraq's wheat tenders are nominal and the country frequently buys more than it tenders for.
In its previous tender reported on Dec. 19, Iraq's state grain board purchased 350,000 tonnes of wheat of Australian origin after also tendering for 50,000 tonnes.
Iraq is one of the world's largest importers of wheat, much of which goes to supply a national food ration programme.
Updated 23 Jan 2014 | Soruce: PUK Media |
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