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Iraqis suffer from high prices of airlines tickets

The hike in demand of airlines tickets to travel abroad or to the Northern provinces led the owners of travel agencies to manipulate the prices of tickets and exploit the current security situation in their favor. Thus the price of one ticket has tripled recently.
Qahtan Shayah, manager of an airline company, confirmed, “Some companies have abused the suffering of citizens who want to flee to provinces such as Al Sulaymaniyah and Arbil due to recent events.”
Iraq’s Cabinet has formed an operation room commissioned with following up this situation and confirmed that the committee has taken swift administrative procedures against infringers. The committee called upon citizens to report any such case.
“We have undertaken some qualitative operations and we uncovered some exploiting company. In case any Iraqi citizen noticed that the tickets are sold for a different price than that set by the airline; they should directly call 160”, clarified Zeid Al Asadi, representative of the Iraqi Chamber of Ministers.
The Iraqi Airlines also announced during the press conference the inauguration of a Berlin - Arbil flight; stressing that Iraq will take delivery of 12 Boeing airplanes next year.
Updated 11 Jul 2014 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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