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Big activities spotted in the airports of Baghdad, Najaf and Basra

Big activities spotted in the airports of Baghdad, Najaf and Basra
The airports of Baghdad, Najaf and Basra are witnessing growing commercial movement in the past few days. It is also observed that air cargo operations of receiving & transferring goods from various countries around the world have increased significantly, after the decision of suspending cargo operations at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports.

The General Director of Customs Authority Engineer Whameedh Khaled Hamad said, “The staff of General Customs Authority mobilized its efforts in coordination with Iraqi Airways and the Civil Aviation Authority to receive the goods coming by air freight from various countries of the world."

Hamad said that the organization had taken all the necessary measures to mitigate the burden of traders and dealers with these airports, and also the organization will provide all possible facilities for the advancement of air cargo airports, Baghdad, Najaf and Basra.
Updated 15 Jul 2014 | Soruce: Radio Dijla | By S.Seal
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