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Project has been proposed to increase the area Abu Floos port of Iraq

Project has been proposed to increase the area Abu Floos port of Iraq
General Company for Iraqi Ports announced a plan to be implemented this year, aiming to increase the area of Abu Floos port in order to raise its capacity.
The Director General of the Iraqi ports Marine Captain Imran Radhi told journalists that "the objective of this project is to enhance the ability of the Iraqi Navy to use their ports and raise the actual capacity of the spaces on the coastline of Iraq."
"The project also aims to expand the capacity of these ports and considering them as the main outlets for goods’ entry into Iraq as they are the cheapest and closest to the dry channel. This means ensuring the flow of goods required for the country. This will also ensure the stability of prices in local markets."
The southern port of Abu Floos is one of the most important ports of Iraq that ensures the entry of imported goods, especially food.
Updated 20 Jul 2014 | Soruce: Radio Dijla | By S.Seal
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