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Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 event to be participated by Jordanian healthcare bodies

Several Jordanian hospitals, medical laboratories and representatives of medical equipment are participating this week in Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014, the 5th International Exhibition for the Medical & Healthcare Industry.
It is noteworthy that the participation has been organized by Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), seeks to expand participants’ business network and to help them reach a larger audience of medical professionals, distributors, dealers and suppliers. Around 200 Arab and global medical companies are taking part in the event.
In 2013, the joint Jordanian-Iraqi commercial exchange volume totaled around JD1.2 billion, with the imported goods totaling JD269 million whereas the exports totaled JD883 million.
Updated 27 May 2014 | Soruce: Jordan times | By S.Seal
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