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41st Baghdad International Fair schedule has been announced

41st Baghdad International Fair schedule has been announced
The General Company of Exhibitions & Business Services announced the date of the commencement of the 41 session of the Baghdad International Fair for this year.
The general director of the company Sadiq Hussain Sultan said that the fair is scheduled to launch for the period from 20th to 29th October 2014. He also added that preparations conducted by the company include a periodic review of the conditions and instructions for participation, and adoption of promoters and giving sponsorships of all kinds (Diamond, Platinum, gold and silver, etc.) for the 41st session of the Baghdad International Fair. Also, all major as well as crucial adjustments are undergoing for the event.
He pointed that all fair publications such invitations, rules & regulations, magazines, brochures & educational will be published on papers as well as CD-ROMs. He noted that invitation letters were sent to most countries of the world (to embassies) to participate in this event by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He confirmed that they approached the General Administration of Customs of Ministry of Transportation for the purpose of facilitating the entry of exhibits goods to the parties participating in Fair of border crossing points.
He noted that diplomatic delegations embassies in Baghdad have been started coming. Discussions are going on with respect to its participation in the 41st Baghdad International Fair, and to provide them with the required information and submit its proposals to the success of their participation in the Fair.
Updated 22 Jul 2014 | Soruce: Radio Dijla | By S.Seal
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