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Future of Iraqi Kurdistan

It is anticipated that in forthcoming days Kurdistan region of Iraq would serve as the launch pad for U.S.-supported efforts to liberate Raqqa and Mosul, the capitals of the so-called Islamic State. In longer terms, it is expected that Kurdistan may emerge as a separate state, liberated from Iraq both financially and politically.
Foreign policy advisor of Kurdistan regional government, Hemin Hawrami is set to participate in a Policy Forum, hosted by the Washington Institute. In the event, he will discuss US and Kurdish military cooperation, economic crisis and opportunities of Kurdistan and the situation of Iraq as well as Syria.
David Pollock, the Institute's Kaufman Fellow, will also throw lights on a few crucial things about the future of Iraqi Kurdistan. It has a lot of challenges ahead, and at the same time there are some crucial opportunities.
Updated 09 Feb 2016 | Soruce: washington Institute | By S.Seal
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