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Largest ever cargo transported in Iraq by ALE

Global heavy lifting and specialized transport company ALE has successfully completed the year-long operations for the Badra heavy transportation contract in Iraq.
ALE was contracted as part of the Badra Oil Field Development Project to receive and transport 44 heavy and out of gauge (OOG) items 600 KM to site. With weights up to 230 tones and dimensions up to 48 meters long, this is the largest cargo ever transported this distance in Iraq.
Preparation started in June 2013, where ALE conducted a route survey of the 660 km itinerary that highlighted some challenging crossings, such as passing through 11 bridges, negotiating obstacles and minimizing any disturbance to local communities.
The transportation started in February 2015, and upon receiving the tanks at Umm Qasr port, ALE transported the items in a phased convoy over the course of 11 months. The company used a number of heavy duty prime movers and 78 axle lines of conventional trailers with a long trailer configuration for load spreading over the 11 bridges to Badra Oil Field.
To minimize disturbance to several communities on the way, ALE pre-arranged the appropriate route modifications and removed any obstacles in conjunction with the local community and authorities.
ALE general manager for Iraq, Alberto Pittaluga, said, “We have been working hard since the very early preparation stages in 2013 and it is fantastic to conclude this milestone project in 2016. I’m extremely proud of the team work and professionalism shown during the execution of the project, as well as overcoming many challenges throughout.
“The successful completion and client feedback highlights our strengthening presence in Iraq as a reliable heavy transportation and lifting contractor applying our local expertise and global experience.”
Situated in Wasit Governorate, 160 km southeast of Baghdad city, the Badra oil field extends across the border with Iran. The field holds some 150 million barrels of oil reserves and has a projected output of 170,000 barrels a day.
Updated 07 Apr 2016 | Soruce: KHL | By S.Seal
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