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Italian team rushes to Iraq to fix Mosul Dam

On last Tuesday, a specialist team from Italy reached Mosul Dam of Iraq, as the dam has been anticipated to collapse due to damages.
The advanced team from Italian firm Tevi Group has decided to setup a camp at this area for the engineers, who will soon reach this site.
There are repeated warnings stating that the dam may collapse at any time.
In the month of February, the dam was pointed out to be risky by US embassy in Baghdad. Iraqi PM, Haidar al-Abadi asked Mosul residents, who are leaving on the close proximity to Tigris River, to move at least 6KM away from the river bank.
The problem with the dam is that it was built over unstable ground. It was inaugurated in 1985, and since then it required regular maintenance. However, due to war against ISIS in Mosul, maintenance for this dam was vastly neglected.
As a result, it is on the verge of collapse. As per estimation of US officials, more than half million people can get killed if dam collapses and flood occurs.
Riyadh Izeddin, the dam's director, said that the engineers will try to repair dam’s concrete and faulty outlet gates. Advanced technologies will be applied by Italian crew to make sure that the dam does not collapse.
Updated 21 Apr 2016 | Soruce: DJC | By S.Seal
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