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Iraq’s ‘Beast’ M1 fighting successfully against Islamic States

In the city of Hit, located western Iraq’s Anbar province, single Iraqi tank M1 Abrams has been deployed to counter the ISIS militants. So far, this tank is doing well, and it has been named as ‘Beast’ for showing ruthless attacking power against enemies.
Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S.-led mission to drive Islamic State out of Iraq and Syria, told, "Frankly, [the M1] has been handing it to the enemy regularly now for several days."
He also mentioned that Iraqi forces are "slow in the pace of their operations" and it is not aggressive enough.
Mr. Warren also stated, "And so this M1 tank has been driving all around Hit ... blasting [Improvised Explosive Devices], punching holes in enemy defenses, and maneuvering between multiple engagements and allowing ... Iraqi army ground forces, you know, to clear and help evacuate civilians."
Iraqi forces backed by U.S. airpower have been battling Islamic State fighters for weeks to retake Hit from the terror group's control. The city, 85 miles west of Baghdad, is seen as a critical waypoint near the country's border with Syria.
Warren mentioned that the tank had been maneuvering in and around enemy positions inside Hit that at one point, U.S. advisers monitoring the fighting assumed several Iraqi tanks were operating within Hit.
He added, "We actually had to reach into the unit and discover it was just one tank that was tearing up Hit all by itself."
"So this tank has been so successful, this one tank crew, that the American advisers who actually watch this tank in action have -- have given it the hero-of-the-day award for, like, several days running."
Updated 21 Apr 2016 | Soruce: UPI | By S.Seal
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