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International conference to be organized by the University of Karbala

Preparation for the 5th International Academic conference on the academic twinning of the (Administrative, Financial and Economic Updates of the Community) has been completed by the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Karbala.
The aim of the conference is to activate the role of the universities to serve the community through twinning academic knowledge with the community. This is will present research in the public and private sectors, hence will anticipated to enhance the overall development process.
In the conference, taxation policies will be discussed, including building knowledge-based society and contemporary challenges. Apart from this, other major issues, like – upgrading Iraqi educational and economic system, the role of accounting and planning, modernizing the administrative science, modernizing the technologies, etc. will be discussed.
Updated 05 Apr 2013 | Soruce: Ministry of Higher Education | By S.Seal
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