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Iraqi Infrastructure and Construction Summit has begun in Dubai

The Iraqi Infrastructure and Construction Summit is has taken place on the 22nd and 23rd May of this year at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

It has to be noted that the summit has been hosted by the Global Summit Organizer. Deputy prime minister of Iraq for reconstruction and services has inaugurated the ceremony. Dr Salih Al Mutleg emphasized huge possibilities in Iraqi business market in his ceremony speech. In the event, he is anticipated to unveil future planning of the government to support the international companies and foreign investors in Iraq. The government is considering reformation in its policies to enchant the economy of the country.

Minister of transportations will also actively participate in this ceremony and will make it a grand success through their presence and speeches, revealing Iraqi infrastructural development plans which will aid the investors or foreign companies. Minister of Transportation, Mr Hadi Al Amiri, Construction and Housing, Mr Muhammed Al Darraji, Municipalities, Mr Adil Mhodir, Planning and International Cooperation & Finance, Dr Ali Al-Shukri, and Deputy minister for Communications, Mr Ameer Al Bayyati – all of them are expected to participated in the event.
Apart from the important ministers and ministry spokesmen, delegates and officials are also expected to join the event. There will also be participation by senior officials from other institutions among which are the Ministry of Youth & Sport, Reconstruction & Development Bureau, National Investment Commission, Baghdad Provincial Council, UK Trade & Investment, and British Water.

The conference is expected to draw interests of the international as well as Iraqi investors in the future projects of Iraq. In attendance will be: Multinational companies, Chamber of commerce from Iraq and international governmental representation via embassies and consulates in the UAE.

The other senior level officers will discuss and find out different drawbacks as well as the prospects of the country in future business market. They will discuss different projects, tenders under various ministries and the investment projects in Iraq which offer lucrative returns for investors. Iraqi ministers and officials will use the summit to unveil government plans and incentives to attract investors and foreign companies to come to Iraq and take up lucrative contracts.
Sectors such as transportation, national infrastructure, regional infrastructure, urban development, housing, social infrastructure, funding and finance, etc will be given special priorities. High level presentations, case studies, exclusive governmental updates and roundtable discussions from Iraq Government Officials, business specialists and International companies with long-standing projects in Iraq – through all these things the event will be carried out neatly.

For the interested investors and companies, it is a unique opportunity to hear from senior Iraqi governmental officials who will outline plans, updates and projects in their respective departments. Investors can directly discuss about the projects and can share their concerns to the officials so that the country would take better measures to upgrade the confidence level of the investors who are looking forward to invest in this country.
Updated 24 May 2013 | Soruce: Digital Journal | By S.Seal
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