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At Al Diwaniyah province – Iraq launches its first international commerce fair

On this Tuesday, Al Diwaniyah province launched its first international commerce fair. However, a few questions have been raised regarding this event as participants have complained for limited seats availability in the event and for that reason; many companies have not been able to join the event. The province’s Chamber of Commerce has identified local and central government as responsible for such acts.

In a statement, Al Diwaniyah’s deputy governor, Faysal Al Na’ili stated, “Al Diwaniyah seeks to boost the economy and commerce by investing in its remarkable geographic location amidst the provinces of Central Euphrates.” He also added. “The local government provides the necessary facilitations and support for the companies that wish to work in the province.”
Head of Al Diwaniyah’s Chamber of Commerce Mahmoud Al Layth criticized in a statement to Alsumaria the limited participants in the fair and said that “contribution was weak and limited as no international company took part in it and it was restricted to local firms”.

He put his stress over the main reasons for which the companies have not attended the event. He pointed out that continuous commerce or trading related events are not practiced by the city and that is why the companies have lost their interests. This is not good for the economy of the nation. Al Laithi held “the local and the federal governments responsible for the absence of a permanent fair.”

He also warned, “Al Diwaniyah suffers from a great economic recession which led to an absence in productive and strategic projects in addition to slow market movement.”

Haytham Khoja, commissioned manager of Ajman Company who participated in the fair, stated, “The economic exhibitions contribute in activating the commercial sector and creating investment opportunities in addition to paving the way for partnerships among member companies.” The scarcity in the number of attending companies has been illustrated as “the short preparation time and the fact that it’s the first fair of its kind”, by Mr. Khoja.

Updated 08 Jun 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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