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Boeing to be presidential sponsor of Iraq Airports Show

Boeing to be presidential sponsor of Iraq Airports Show

Boeing is to be the presidential sponsor of the Iraq Airports Show – 2013 to be held in September at the Nineveh Terminal – Baghdad International Airport, which will unleash the ongoing and future development opportunities in aviation infrastructure in the country and will receive head of various governing bodies of Iraq.

The show will have speakers including Iraqi Minister of Transportation H.E. Hadi Al-Amiri, Iraq Deputy Minister of Transportation H.E. Bangen Rekani, Director General for Iraq Civil Aviation Authority Captain Nasser Hussein Bandar, Director General for Iraqi Captain Airways Saad Mahdi Saied and others including heads of Iraq National Investment Commission, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Governorates of Karabala, Al Najaf, Al-Ashraf, Babylon, Diwaniya and Trade Bank of Iraq etc.  

Iraq government is now resolute to better explore opportunities in the sector, as a part of this the government has earmarked USD 50 Billion for various projects. The Iraqi Airways Company has placed 55 new aircrafts order to Boeing and Bombardier Aircrafts. Airport expansion is undergoing in Baghdad, Basra Erbil, Najaf, Mosul and Sulaymaniyah, also New Airport Construction projects will come up in Karbala, Kirkuk and Dohuk.

The Iraq Airports Show will spotlight on the progressing Iraq airport projects including expansion and construction of new Terminals, ATC/ATM, Safety and Security, IT Support and all other division of the airports.  The show will bring together around 60 companies in the aviation sector under one roof.

Boeing, delivered its first jetliner to Iraq in 30 years during December 2012.  With foreign airlines including  Emirates , Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Lufthansa and Etihad providing services to major cities in Iraq and giving strong competition to the Iraqi Airways , the Iraq’s aviation sector is set boom which is evident from the order worth USD 2.6 billion aircraft order to buy Boeing and Bombardier aircrafts to expand its existing fleet of 23 aircrafts serving various inland and global destinations.

Updated 01 Aug 2013 | Soruce: Arabian Aerospace |
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