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Minister said, Baghdad International Fair – a civilized phenomenon

Minister said, Baghdad International Fair – a civilized phenomenon
Khairallah Babker, the minister of trade of Iraq, has assured that Baghdad International Fair is an economic and civilized phenomenon where Iraq is undergoing in reconstruction period on all levels that required many economic and non-economic requirements.
The Ministry of Trade has reported, ''Babker met the media cadres in the ministry on the margin of establishing the 40th term of Baghdad International fair, whose events supposed to be launch on next Thursday 10/ October.''
The statement concluded, ''The Ministry of Trade is working in accordance with the economic policy of the Government by promoting the economic relations with all countries worldwide through concluding bilateral relations and forming the joint committees as well as in establishing the fairs in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces since these fairs display the products of Iraq and increasing the investment opportunities.''

Updated 13 Oct 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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