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Kuwait to take part in "Project Iraq 2013" fair

Kuwait, represented, by the Public Authority for Industry, is ready to participate in the Sixth International Exhibition for Construction and Environmental Technology, Materials and Equipment for Iraq "Project Iraq 2013".

From October 28th to 31st of the same month, the fair will take place at the fairgrounds in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil.
Ibrahim Serhal, representative of International Fairs and Promotions (IFP) - the Lebanese company organizing the exhibition, stated, "The current installment of Project Iraq 2013 will be a major link in the annual chain with more than 650 companies from all over the world taking part."

Serhal noted, in statements to KUNA here, that the exhibition comes as part of a series of exhibitions organized by IFP in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq. The fair is considered to be one of the most prominent specialized trade events taking place in the construction sector in the Middle East, Serhal added.

It has been stated that the upcoming fair will also feature the participation of more than 27 countries from Middle East and Europe as well as from Asia. Around 35 entities will be represented and different bodies, businesses and agencies will join this fair for international business development motto.

Currently there are more than 450 projects under implementation in Kurdistan region costing more than USD 20 billion.
Updated 27 Oct 2013 | Soruce: Kuna | By S.Seal
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