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Kuwait joined the Iraq Project 2013 International Trade Exhibition

In the Iraq project 2013, significantly Kuwait has taken part. It is the 6th International Trade Exhibition for Construction and Environmental Technology, Materials and Equipment, that was held at Erbil International Fair Ground on October 28-31.
The Kuwaiti participation in this trade fair is a clear example of relationship harmony between Iraq and Kuwait. The Kuwaiti participation in this fair was intended to pave way for national industrial products to be promoted in the Iraqi market, as well as markets of regional countries, namely Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Egypt, said Zainab Hussein, in charge of promotion and exportation at Kuwait's Public Authority for Industry (PAI), in remarks to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
The Kuwaiti products that were displayed at the major exhibition had drawn significant interest on part of representatives of participating companies, Hussein said, indicating at "some understandings to promote these products in the Iraqi market."
Hussein, who mentioned names of some 25 Kuwaiti companies that displayed their products at the fair, indicated that their representatives agreed with Iraqi counterparts to assign agents locally to do business.
Organized by IFP Iraq (International Fairs and Promotions), Project Iraq 2013 was held concurrently with Energy Iraq 2013, the 3rd International Exhibition for Electricity, Alternative Energy, Lighting, Water Technology and HVAC, and Real Estate and Investment Iraq 2013, The International Real Estate, Investment and Property Development Exhibition for Iraq.
Due to the outstanding international participation of 625 companies from 27 different countries, it signaled substantial economic and business growth in the Kurdistan region and Iraq. In this respect, the local investment authority had declared that business volume in the region had amounted to more than USD 31 billion, and that Turkey and the UAE had been on top in terms of investments here.
The fair featured participation of more than 27 countries including Armenia, Spain, Germany, the UAE, the Ukraine, Italy, Iran, Pakistan, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, China, Iraq, France, Vietnam, Canada, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Austria, India, the United States of America and Greece.
Updated 03 Nov 2013 | Soruce: Kuna | By S.Seal
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