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Chinese Companies Showed Interest in Communication Sector of Iraq

Chinese Companies Showed Interest in Communication Sector of Iraq
Torhan al-Mufti, Acting Minister of Communications, engaged in a meeting with the Chinese companies, like – Huawei and ZTE. The motion of the meeting was to discuss over the possibilities and cooperation between Chinese and Iraqi companies.
In a statement, it is reported by the ministry of communication that the two sides have discussed about different future possibilities and prospects of business between the two countries in the sector of communication.
The Director General of the General Company of Communication, Salih Hassan proclaimed that the Ministry of Communications will fully cooperate with the Chinese companies, which are to offer excellent and robust technologies. With a bright hope of future, different contracts with the companies will be made for pursuing different projects to provide better public communication in Iraq.
Updated 14 Mar 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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