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Forecast, trends and opportunities in Iraqi telecom sector

In recent years, the telecom industry of Iraq has undergone a lot of changes. In order to revamp the telecom industry of the country, it was indeed necessary. Presently, in the telecom sector of Iraq, three major mobile operators are working, having licenses to provide mobile services throughout the country.
However, there is only one major fixed line telecom provider, ITPC, which is state-owned and while competition in the fixed line sector is increasing, ITPC still remains the market leader.
Until the US-led invasion of Iraq, there were hardly any internet accesses within the country. A marginal access was there but that was controlled with very strict vigilance under the departments of the government. Since 2003 however, internet usage has become common in the country and ISP provider is the major player in the market, though it has started facing competition from other ISPs as well.
A report has been revealed, based on the present scenario of Iraq, which analyses the telecom industry of Iraq and covers the following things:
An analysis of the global telecom industry through an industry definition, industry statistics, industry value & volume analysis, industry segmentation, and a look at the competition in the global telecom industry has been proposed. This report includes an industry forecast for the years 2013-2017.
Updated 10 Aug 2013 | Soruce: Research Market | By S.Seal
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